Dorenell Wind Farm

The project was named Dorenell Wind Farm due to the location of the site being close to the Hill of Dorenell. The planning application was submitted by Dorenell Limited which is a joint venture between Infinergy Ltd and Glenfiddich Estate.

The Dorenell Wind Farm 'Variation and Extension' proposal is a complete redesign of the site, utilising the most advanced turbine technology available.  This has been made possible by the offer of an increased grid capacity from 180MW to 220MW.  The proposal comprises: 

  • An increase of 21MW at Dorenell Wind Farm which is a significant contribution to installed capacity in Moray without having to develop a new site in the local authority area;
  • A repositioning of the wind turbines, fitting 60 machines within the same site boundary as the consented 59 turbine scheme;
  • Replacing the initial candidate turbine, the 3MW Vestas V90, with a candidate turbine of 3.3MW installed capacity;
  • For 35 of the turbines, an increase in tip height from 126m to 150m, allowing them to harness the local wind resource more effectively, with the remaining 25 at 125m at key points in order to reduce visual impact; and
  • An expected increase of annual power output of approximately 37% compared to the consented scheme.

The District Network Operator has confirmed Dorenell Wind Farm has the increased grid capacity required for the redesign and this provision is secure.

The connection date of 2018 allows for a planning application to complete the normal planning process in time and without delay to the wind farm’s construction schedule.

The significant increase of 21MW can be secured with a minimum of impact of the development. This level of installed capacity would normally only be possible by introducing an entirely new wind farm. By optimising a planned development which is already deemed acceptable with regard to its location and with its expected impacts carefully considered, another area can remain undeveloped.

Although the redesign project is a complete overhaul of the site’s layout, the project is deemed a 'variation and extension’ in Scottish planning terms.

The currently consented development will consist of the following:

  • 2 permanent freestanding lattice wind monitoring masts with a height of up to 85 m;
  • 59 x 3 MW wind turbines with a maximum height-to-tip of 126 m, a maximum hub height of 85 m and a maximum rotor diameter of 90 m;
  • 59 circular wind turbine foundations with a diameter of approximately 17 m;
  • 59 wind turbine hardstandings for crane (used for erection of the turbines), component delivery vehicles and component temporary storage at each wind turbine base with measurements of approximately 70 m x 25 m;
  • 2.2 km of upgraded Forestry Commission access track, approximately 6 m wide;
  • 24.8 km of new site tracks, approximately 5 m wide;
  • 5.3 km of upgraded site tracks, approximately 5 m wide;
  • 40.1 km of cable trenches, maximum of 3.5 m wide for 3 electricity cables and a communication cable;
  • upgrade of 6 watercourse crossings and creation of 3 new watercourse crossings;
  • 1 borrow pit / quarry from which stone will be sourced for tracks, foundations, hardstandings, substation and construction compound;
  • 1 temporary construction compound of approximately 150 m x 75 m including concrete batching plant, site offices and welfare facilities;
  • 1 electrical substation with 3 transformers within the substation compound, total measurements compound approximately 90 m x 60 m; and
  • 1 storey 40 m x 6.5 m control and maintenance building within the substation compound.



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