Dorenell Wind Farm

The project was named Dorenell Wind Farm due to the location of the site being close to the Hill of Dorenell. The planning application was submitted by Dorenell Limited which was a joint venture between Infinergy Ltd and Glenfiddich Estate.  EDF now owns the Infinergy share of the project and is taking forward the construction of the site.

The consented development will consist of the following:

  • 2 permanent freestanding lattice wind monitoring masts with a height of up to 85 m;
  • 59 x 3 MW wind turbines with a maximum height-to-tip of 126 m, a maximum hub height of 85 m and a maximum rotor diameter of 90 m;
  • 59 circular wind turbine foundations with a diameter of approximately 17 m;
  • 59 wind turbine hardstandings for crane (used for erection of the turbines), component delivery vehicles and component temporary storage at each wind turbine base with measurements of approximately 70 m x 25 m;
  • 2.2 km of upgraded Forestry Commission access track, approximately 6 m wide;
  • 24.8 km of new site tracks, approximately 5 m wide;
  • 5.3 km of upgraded site tracks, approximately 5 m wide;
  • 40.1 km of cable trenches, maximum of 3.5 m wide for 3 electricity cables and a communication cable;
  • upgrade of 6 watercourse crossings and creation of 3 new watercourse crossings;
  • 1 borrow pit / quarry from which stone will be sourced for tracks, foundations, hardstandings, substation and construction compound;
  • 1 temporary construction compound of approximately 150 m x 75 m including concrete batching plant, site offices and welfare facilities;
  • 1 electrical substation with 3 transformers within the substation compound, total measurements compound approximately 90 m x 60 m; and
  • 1 storey 40 m x 6.5 m control and maintenance building within the substation compound.



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