Your Concerns Addressed

We would like to thank all of you for taking the time to visit the Dorenell Wind Farm website and for providing us with feedback regarding the wind farm proposal. We are using the website to keep ourselves informed about the issues that local residents may have and to open the door to a two-way communication process.

This section of the website will be updated with answers to the questions raised by local people during the consultation process.

As a starting point we have provided answers to a number of the most commonly asked questions.

  1. What wind turbine model will be used for Dorenell Wind Farm?
  2. For how many households would Dorenell Wind Farm generate electricity?
  3. Is wind power reliable?
  4. Do we need renewable energy?
  5. Is wind power enough to reach our renewable energy targets?
  6. Is intermittency a problem with wind energy?
  7. How much CO2 will Dorenell Wind Farm save?
  8. Do wind farms affect tourism?
  9. Do wind farms affect property values?
  10. What about birds?
  11. Are wind turbines noisy?
  12. Are wind farms built with taxpayers' money? How does the ROCs system work?
  13. When constructed, what turbines would be used on the site?
  14. Will there be a lot of construction traffic going through our villages?
  15. What about the community benefit scheme?
  16. Will local economy benefit from having a wind farm nearby?
  17. Will local energy costs go down because of the wind farm?
  18. Does the UK have sufficient wind to make wind farms work?
  19. There is so much industrial pollution and energy consumption in the developing world, are wind turbines in the UK really going to make a difference to climate change?
  20. How much energy actually goes into the manufacture, construction and operation of wind power schemes? Can this energy ever be re-captured? What is the pay back time of Dorenell Wind Farm?
  21. Why don't we put all the wind turbines out to sea?
  22. How long do wind turbines last?
  23. How big are wind turbines?
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